The Sweet Home Difference

We proudly represent a legacy of third-generation farming, embodying a passion for food, entrepreneurship, and marketing expertise. Sweet Home Foods emerged with a humble offering of two alcohol-free muscadine grape products – white and red varieties, encapsulating the essence of America's native grape, lauded by science as the epitome of healthfulness. Driven by our commitment to quality, we swiftly expanded our repertoire to encompass a diverse range of muscadine-based creations, initially showcased at farmers markets and artisanal exhibitions. Today, our portfolio extends beyond muscadine to encompass a comprehensive assortment of juices, pickled delicacies, jams, dressings, and beyond. Our unwavering focus remains on crafting premium, health-conscious products, meticulously prepared in small batches with a personal touch. We meticulously source our fruits and vegetables from reputable southern farmers, adhering to sustainable and nature-centric practices. The fruits of our labor have flourished, with our offerings now gracing the shelves of esteemed specialty stores and leading grocery retailers throughout the southern region. It's a legacy we cherish, one that undoubtedly would make our patriarch, Grandpa, beam with pride.
Non-Alcoholic Wines and Ciders

Where Great Taste Lives

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At Sweet Home Foods, we juice it, pickle it, jam it, sauce it, and more. All Sweet Home products are handmade in small batches, and in the USA.

Her Story

In Memory of Jennifer

Jennifer Harwell
July 25, 1956 - August 5, 2013

Harwell, who left a deep void with her passing on August 5, 2013, actually didn't start painting on canvas until the age of 49. But she always had an appreciation for the creative process. Her father was a printer and her grandmother designed clothing. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she rode her bike through Oregon's shimmering vineyards, absorbing the magnificent hues surrounding her. Harwell, who often used wood and hollow doors for canvases, considered her style mostly fitting the abstract expressionists of the era between the Impressionist and Pop artists. A gifted artist who gave back to her community, Harwell had a profound influence on those who mourn the loss of an amazing talent. But she continues to touch the lives of so many who proudly display her inspired art on their walls. "Jennifer is still with us."

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Painting: Vista Series 2010, Original Private Collection